Overcoming Gym Intimidation

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Gym intimidation or “gymtimidation” is a real thing.  For many, it prevents them from stepping into a fitness facility and working towards their health and fitness goals.

Across the UK around 15% of people are members at gyms. Yet with modern sedentary lifestyles and an ever increasing obesity pandemic, we are living in a nation of people that are living longer but not living healthier. We’ve never been more in need of adding structured activity and exercise into our lives to help us to move and feel better. But how do we create environments that make people feel safe and welcomed?

At Thrive Gyms, we recognise these concerns and have created an environment that aims to overcome gym intimidation, making everyone feel comfortable, safe and supported on their fitness journey.

Overcoming Gym Intimidation at Thrive Gyms

Understanding Gym Intimidation

The feeling of intimidation at a gym can stem from various sources. It could be the fear of not knowing how to use equipment, the concern about being judged by others, or feeling out of place among individuals seemingly more experienced or fit.

Overcoming Gym Intimidation at Thrive Gyms

Our Approach at Removing Gym Intimidation

Personalised Welcome Meeting: When you walk through our doors, you’re not just another member; you’re part of our community. We provide a warm and personalised welcome meeting, taking the time to get to know you and understand your health goals. We get to know you, over a tea or coffee, make you feel at home and find out where you’re at in terms of your current health and movement.

Small Group Environment: Our emphasis on small group training creates an intimate setting where members feel more connected. Working out with like minded individuals, who are all working towards similar personal goals, creates a supportive and non-intimidating atmosphere. We don’t have mirrors in the gym. Who needs to see themselves, when you have a coach on hand in every session. The gym is open, full of natural light, with moss walls and wooden benches in the lounge. Everything has been designed to make it feel more of a home than a gym.

Expert Guidance: Our friendly trainers are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’ve used gyms before and not really got on with them or stepping into a fitness facility for the first time, our coaches offer guidance, motivation, and a wealth of knowledge to ensure you feel confident and comfortable. You wouldn’t drive a car without lessons. You wouldn’t try and fix an injury without seeing a physio or specialist. Would you buy a house without having a solicitor help arrange the purchase? If you’re starting on a journey to improve your health then a personal trainer is a great support and a good trainer will guide, coach and motivate you.

Tailored Workouts: We understand that every individual has different needs and abilities. Our workouts are customised to suit your level of fitness, ensuring you feel challenged but never overwhelmed. In turn, this will help grow your confidence and kick gym intimidation to the curb.

Community SupportAt Thrive Gyms, it’s about being part of a community. Our members are encouraging, supportive, and welcoming, creating an environment where everyone feels accepted and motivated.

Non-Judgmental Atmosphere: We foster a culture where judgments are left at the door. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll find a non-judgmental space at Thrive Gyms.

Thrive Gyms - overcoming gym intimidation

Steps to Overcome Gym Intimidation

Here’s some handy general hints to help overcome symptoms of gym intimidation and get you through a gym’s door and feeling comfortable.

Find Your Options: Visit a few different gyms and pick one that you feel most comfortable in. Remember, improving your health is about consistency and you need to regularly turn up. Consider picking a gym, like choosing a car or house. Visit a few and make sure it feels right for you.

Start Slow: Just turning up is a great start.

Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the trainers. They should be there to guide and support you. Investing in a personal trainer or a personal training gym will take the support to another level. So, consider this a wise investment if you’re just starting out.

Create a Routine: Establish a routine that makes you feel more at ease and gradually increase the intensity as you grow more comfortable.

Focus On You: Remember, everyone is on their individual fitness journey. Focus on your progress, not on comparing yourself to others.Everyone started somewhere.

Why You Should Consider Joining Thrive Gyms

At Thrive Gyms, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that gym intimidation is a thing of the past. Our aim is to provide an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming space where everyone, regardless of their fitness level, feels empowered to thrive.

Join us at Thrive Gyms, and let’s embark on a fitness journey that’s not just about physical transformation but about feeling comfortable, confident, and part of a community that cares about your well-being.

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