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Find out what’s so special about our Colchester Fitness Classes.

What Are Thrive Fitness Classes In Colchester?


Our range of Colchester fitness classes complement your Personal Training sessions to maximise results. With a choice of Thrive Yoga, Thrive Conditioning and Thrive Cardio classes there is something for everyone. And they are included for free as part of every membership package.

Check Out Our Range of Colchester Fitness Classes



Improve your strength, balance and flexibility with Thrive Yoga. The classes will help ease away any stresses from your mind and body, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. Regular yoga can improve your overall well-being, boost your energy levels, and help prevent injury. Classes last up to 60 minutes.


Perfect for anyone wanting to feel stronger, reduce back pain, and improve posture. It focuses on slow, precise movements that enhance flexibility, core strength, and overall well-being. Pilates is a welcoming and effective way to start making positive changes to your health, suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Thrive Conditioning classes are a combination of high tempo cardio, bodyweight and functional strength movements designed to workout the whole body. Each class lasts around 45 minutes.


Thrive Cardio in partnership with Myzone is a high energy class which uses Assault bikes, Ski and Bike Ergs and the Myzone heart rate monitor to keep you working in the right heart rate zones. Classes last around 45 minutes and will help improve your heart health and leave you feeling energised.



All our Colchester fitness classes are led by one of our experienced and qualified instructors. They will guide you through proper form and technique, ensuring you get the most out of every class. For more information on our trainers, visit our Meet The Team page.

Fitness Classes are one of the Best Exercises For Menopause
Thrive Gym Fitness Classes in Colchester


Our Colchester fitness classes offer a wide range of workouts, including Thrive Cardio, Thrive Conditioning, and Thrive Yoga. These fitness classes are designed to keep your workouts fresh and fun. Each class is tailored to suit a variety of fitness levels and interests, ensuring that every class offers a new challenge and a chance to push yourself further.


Are you looking for fun, motivating and engaging fitness classes in Colchester? At Thrive Gyms you’ll find the perfect blend of exercise and social interaction, making fitness a truly enjoyable experience. Our fitness classes attract a diverse group of like-minded individuals, creating an inviting and inclusive atmosphere.

Colchester Fitness Classes
Fitness Classes in Colchester


In every fitness class, our instructors are the cornerstone of your motivation. They create an environment brimming with positive energy and encouragement, essential for keeping you committed and enthusiastic. Our approach focusses on inspiring, empowering and teaching, ensuring everyone understands the task at hand, and leaves the class feeling energised. 


Our Thrive Cardio and Thrive Conditioning fitness classes in Colchester, offer an ideal solution for those looking to integrate fitness into their busy schedules. Specifically designed those seeking efficient and effective workout sessions without having to allocate a large portion of their day. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, these classes are structured to cater to all levels, providing a challenging yet achievable workout.

Fitness Classes Colchester - MyZone Monitor - Thrive Gyms Colchester

A fitness class is a structured and organised group exercise session designed to help individuals improve their physical fitness, health, and overall well-being. They offer participants the opportunity to engage in a variety of exercises under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Fitness classes are a popular choice for individuals seeking motivation, social interaction, and expert guidance in their fitness journeys.

Selecting the most suitable fitness classes from the available options depends on your unique goals and preferences. Each fitness class caters to distinct aspects of physical and even mental well-being.

If your aim is to improve flexibility, reduce stress, and achieve mental clarity, consider Thrive Yoga. This class also provides a great physical workout aiding balance and core strength making it a fantastic choice for those looking to enhance their overall fitness.

If your goal is to build strength, boost endurance, and engage in more challenging workouts, Thrive Conditioning is the fitness class to consider. Combining resistance training and dynamic exercises, it offers a comprehensive approach to achieving your fitness targets.

All our fitness classes offer unique benefits and can complement the small group personal training sessions that Thrive Gyms provide. In order to find out how to choose the right fitness classes and use them to aid your small group personal training, speak to your dedicated Thrive Gyms coach.

As standard, Thrive membership comes with unlimited access to our fitness classes. Our membership structure is designed to offer you the best value possible, benefiting from regular small group personal training sessions which can be complemented perfectly with our fitness classes. To find out more about joining Thrive Gyms, please visit our 28 Day Experience page for more information.

No, you do not need an induction to join our fitness classes. We welcome participants of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast. Our classes are designed to accommodate various fitness levels, and our instructors are ready to guide you every step of the way.

To book one of our fitness classes you will need to be a Thrive Gyms member. For information on signing up, please visit our 28 Day Experience page. Simply log in to our user-friendly app, browse our class schedule to find the fitness class that suits you and select your preferred date and time slot.

If it’s your first time at one of our fitness classes, we’d recommend showing up around 5 minutes early and we can answer any questions you may have.

Thrive Gyms in Colchester


Ready to enjoy unlimited fitness classes alongside your small group personal training? Join Thrive Gyms today and start moving and feeling better.


Stacey WStacey W
22:00 19 Jul 24
I joined Thrive after trying out their 28 day experience.I absolutely love it, and its certainly reignited my love of exercise. I’ve been a member of various gyms over the years but Thrive works so much better for me. The team (and the members) are... so welcoming and friendly, and their coaching and support has helped me step out of my comfort zone, take on challenges I would have otherwise avoided, and I’m already seeing great results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Thrive to someone considering more
Jordan ThurgoodJordan Thurgood
14:41 18 Jul 24
I can't recommend Thrive enough the coaches offer amazing support in every session no matter how busy the class is and the facilities are modern and great to use!
Luke CudbyLuke Cudby
14:36 17 Jul 24
A gym like no other. The small group PT sessions are perfect, the coaches are great, the equipment/facilities are modern and the level of support is unrivalled - I couldn't ask for more from a gym. I already have and will continue to recommend... Thrive to friends and family!read more
Emma LilleyEmma Lilley
20:13 15 Jul 24
As I walked into the Thrive gym today, I was met with a round of applause and given a Thrive 100 T shirt - I have now made it to 100 sessions at Thrive! With my daughter starting school, juggling work and at times lacking motivation, I really... didn’t think I would be able to commit time to exercise, but with Thrive it’s been possible. A few highlights for me:- The timing of the classes is great, suiting lots of different lifestyles.- The facilities are lovely - always clean, and tidy and the equipment still feels brand new.- The members are so welcoming; you can arrive at sessions confident there will be friendly faces to chat to.- The team of coaches are just brilliant - so supportive and knowledgable. They are aware of everyone’s individual goals and are able to provide a really safe space (physically and emotionally) to exercise.- I would 100% recommend!!read more
Paul BurnettPaul Burnett
17:42 01 Jul 24
Only been going to Thrive for a month or so, and I can't fault anything. There's no more than six to a session which means the trainers have time to dedicate to everybody even if a class is full. Everyone is very friendly, approachable and you're... made to feel welcome from the off. I look forward to going to each session. Brilliant!!read more
John SheehyJohn Sheehy
14:06 01 Jul 24
I’m really enjoying my sessions at Thrive’s Gym in Colchester. Has a friendly atmosphere, excellent classes & the team are great. Keep up the good work. I’m really starting to feel the benefit.
Lisa TraceyLisa Tracey
20:50 30 Jun 24
I've found my gym home!Super friendly community, fantastic coaching in personal training sessions and group classes.Very clean, well organised & effective training sessions, straightforward to use booking app with a huge variety of times on... timetable plus easy parking.Very highly recommended!!read more
Bev SpeckBev Speck
17:24 06 Jun 24
After 5 weeks of joining I have enjoyed every session …. All of the coaches have been friendly, approachable & helpful in tailoring the exercises to suit everyone’s personal needs & abilities. The environment is clean, light, bright & positive and... It has been lovely to hear the coaches sharing their knowledge and encouragement at each session which is why Thrive stands alone in its more
Helie ClarkHelie Clark
17:53 04 Jun 24
This is an amazing gym, like nowhere I have joined before. Small group, kind, inclusive, encouraging, fun and engaging. Communication is brilliant, all the team are very approachable and supportive in tailoring training to your own needs in each... session. I wish I had joined here before!!read more
Jordan HarrexJordan Harrex
20:39 20 May 24
Thrive is probably the best gym I’ve ever come across! Having a history as a personal trainer myself I found it hard at first to justify paying for personal training and classes when I didn’t actually need it, but I was desperate to find a quiet gym... as I was fed up of busy commercial gyms and never being able to get a good workout done because it was so busy. I did the 28 day intro and it completely reignited my love for fitness.The trainers here actually know what they’re doing and all clearly love what they do. They are motivating, friendly and knowledgeable and coming to these classes was always fun, it never felt like a chore. Even though classes were of mixed ability, everyone was catered for and I always left feeling like I’d had a great workout. They push you to do exercises you wouldn’t usually, while also making you feel comfortable and finding adaptations if needed.Even all the other members were wonderful and friendly, I never felt any of the judgment or intimidation that’s so common in other gyms.I was sceptical at first, as I like working out on my own but I absolutely love the concept of this gym. even though I only went for a month, I noticed a huge difference in my motivation and fitness and my passion for fitness has been at a high since I left. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of trying to move, otherwise I would love to go back.I kept forgetting to leave this review but I absolutely had to even though it’s a bit late. You guys are great and I wish you so much success!-grace xread more
Steve GoslingSteve Gosling
09:58 02 May 24
Getting straight to the point, the experience with Thrive Gyms is exceptional. Vicky, Jon & the team are amazing, and always willing to spend time discussing your goals and offering advice on how to achieve them. Everyone is really friendly and make... you feel included as well.I've been going for 6 weeks now, and am already feeling the benefit of regular exercise. The small group PT format ensures you're always getting the most out of every session. I would 100% recommend more
Alison GoslingAlison Gosling
08:32 01 May 24
What a welcoming, friendly and relaxed gym. I have never enjoyed going to the gym so much and with the great support of the team at Thrive Gyms and its members I am trying things I would never have had the confidence to do. Give Thrive a go, you... won’t regret more
PetsUp MarketingPetsUp Marketing
08:11 01 May 24
Thrive Gyms is a great place to exercise, socialise and get your heart pumping. Thrive has created a space where everyone is friendly and motivated no matter whether a beginner or advance gym goer the experience is all always excellent!
Richard HeardRichard Heard
13:22 22 Apr 24
A month into using Thrive Gym and wow what a refreshing change to all other gyms I've ever used.100% would recommend and would encourage anyone especially if you are unsure to give them a call and see for yourself.
Ellie UpsherEllie Upsher
19:49 07 Apr 24
I recently did the 28day experience at Thrive and it was one of the best things I have ever decided to do!I highly recommend Thrive to everyone!The owners, trainers and other clients have been so so lovelyEach session is amazing and you can tell... alot of work, thought and effort goes into every workout plan.The support you get from the trainers and both Vicky, Jon and everyone at Thrive is incredible!Also the services and facilities that Thrive offer and the price you get it for is amazing.I never thought I would see such a difference in my energy and overall mindset in such a short time! Thank you Thrive!!read more
Millie EmmettMillie Emmett
20:24 03 Apr 24
Great motivational gym with really attentive staff. Group personal training sessions are so transformative and social whilst helping pushing to achieve goals. Would recommend to anyone!
Colin OrmanColin Orman
10:37 29 Mar 24
I would like to thank Thrive gym for the help I have received from all the staff in my bid to get back to a better level of fitness. This meant they had to adapt some of the routines to enable me to be able to complete the course. Nothing was too... much trouble and I feel I have improved both strength and balance. It all takes place in a friendly environment. A great experience all more
William HartWilliam Hart
09:54 23 Mar 24
First week impressions, excellent. From the intro, understanding objectives and overall engagement, terrific.Equipment is new, modern, well kept and the whole place is immaculate.But what makes it different is the people, staff and members,... everyone friendly, everyone supportive and just a very encouraging atmosphere, if you like PT and you like people, you'd like more
suki jaswalsuki jaswal
21:36 08 Mar 24
The small group exercises are great, lots of different times available to suit your schedule. Great parking facilities and convenient location. Lovely changing facilities and friendly atmosphere.
Julie MoncurJulie Moncur
17:54 05 Mar 24
I have been training at Thrive for 9 months. It is the best gym I’ve ever used. I have made great progress in terms of my strength and general fitness and I find the structure really supports my motivation.I love that all the sessions are coached... and the coaching team are all really supportive and knowledgeable and can make adaptations for any physical challenges that any of us have. You can get extra support and advice from your personal coach at any time to ensure you are making progress towards your own goals.I really enjoy the camaraderie and support of the small group personal training structure. Everyone who trains at Thrive is really welcoming, friendly and supportive. You should come and give it a try!read more
Keith FisherKeith Fisher
14:17 29 Feb 24
I joined Thrive Gyms back in August 23 and haven’t looked back in terms of my new fitness levels, wellbeing and general health.Training in small groups with highly motivated instructors has helped me reach fitness levels way beyond my... expectations.The whole setup is tuned in to helping clients reach their goals in a safe challenging environment.I can’t recommend these guys enough 😊read more
Annette GaleAnnette Gale
07:54 29 Feb 24
I joined Thrive Gyms Colchester at the end of January and I haven't looked back since. The team are amazing and really welcoming, and it's really nice to be able to work out with others without feeling overwhelmed. Despite the fact I've been... struggling with a knee injury I have been able to keep going as the team have made the necessary adjustments so I can keep up my strength training without overloading my knee. As a formerly non gym goer this has been a complete find, and a real joy! Thank you team Thrive!read more
Denise SpencerDenise Spencer
19:40 23 Feb 24
I recently joined Thrive few months ago, I can honestly say what a fabulous place to train. I never enjoyed exercise, just felt I need to do something, Thrive is different, the PT trainers, help and encourage you throughout the session, I feel... comfortable, and happy there. Thank you Thrive xread more
James WalkerJames Walker
23:17 22 Feb 24
Thrive is a brilliant place to workout. I have previously struggled to find the motivation to train and also the right environment that suits me - Thrive has changed that! Their friendly, knowledgeable coaches, welcoming environment and quality... equipment make it not only worthwhile but also enjoyable! I highly recommend Thrive, especially for those who are keen to get fit, but don't know where to start!read more
Georgia PagentGeorgia Pagent
14:23 21 Feb 24
Amazing gym and amazing people. This is by far the best gym in Colchester and I’d know because I’ve practically been to all of them. Since joining Thrive, my confidence and fitness has improved massively. It’s a great community and everyone is so... more
Sarah PurdySarah Purdy
18:24 20 Feb 24
Just started at Thrive, everyone is so welcoming and the sessions are fantastic. There's a real community feel from all the team and other members. Would highly recommend!
Fynn BrookFynn Brook
16:21 20 Feb 24
I have been a member at thrive for a year now and I haven’t looked back. At other gyms I had always steered away from weights as I had never been given good advice. At thrive the coaches are full of knowledge and attentive and want to see the... results as much as you, which is so encouraging. I manage to fit it around my busy lifestyle by attending the early morning sessions, it gets you off to such a good start, It is just part of my routine now. I would recommend Thrive to anyone wanting to join a quality, safe inspiring gym who wants to see more
hayley newellhayley newell
15:10 20 Feb 24
My experience at Thrive Gyms has been fantastic. The sessions are throughly motivating, you are pushed to achieve your very best results but within a safe environment. Feeling the best I have in a very long time thanks to Thrive Gyms
Sam HSam H
10:21 20 Feb 24
Thrive is a place where everyone encourages each other. It is welcoming and there is absolutely no judgement.The training is brilliant, goals are achieved and boundaries pushed in order to help you achieve your best version. All with a genuine... positive reinforcement.A fantastic gym and more
Sabrina BaileySabrina Bailey
10:00 20 Feb 24
Preetha VenkateshPreetha Venkatesh
19:05 22 Jan 24
I have had a fantastic experience completing the 28 day challenge at Thrive. The team are welcoming, friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend Thrive Gyms to get fitter and healthier. They genuinely care.
Karen WoodsKaren Woods
16:12 05 Jan 24
If you want a place that feels like you belong from day one, with coaches that you feel super comfortable with, and a light hearted but totally expert approach, then Thrive Gym is for you.Easy location and parking, fresh, bright, super modern gym... with top of the range equipment. The concept is different to anything else…… basically PT sessions shared with a few others (no more than 6 at its fullest but usually just 2 or 3 others) and a commitment of 8 or 12 sessions (or more maybe) as part of your subscription PLUS unlimited group classes when they are on. It’s not cheap but when you compare it to actually having that number of PT sessions, it really is cost effective.It’s all about strength training, not crazy HIIT Classes or Bootcamp sort of things, so it will make you leaner, stronger and fitter and not damage you like you can do if left to your own devices.I have always hated using equipment in the gym as can never remember what to do, get bored or don’t work as hard as you could, but at Throve you bypass all these familiar issues.I can absolutely recommend Thrive and think all the instructors are really great!read more
Amanda WardAmanda Ward
11:48 24 Dec 23
Although I have only been coming here 3 weeks I can honestly say I have never met a more encouraging and friendly group of people both instructors and members , I now feel motivated and ready to start the new year with a positive mindset .
Craig FowlieCraig Fowlie
13:10 04 Dec 23
Excellent team at Thrive ..everyone makes you feel welcome and are always happy to help. Sessions are flexible and pitched at your level. Highly recommend the expertise at Thrive. Good value ++×
Amy GordonAmy Gordon
10:45 18 Nov 23
This is by far the very best gym in Colchester. I have always felt intimidated going to gyms but here is so different. The coaches are all great, the atmosphere is amazing, the sessions are small groups so you get that personal experience still.I... would recommend Thrive to anyone and everyone, the attention to you and your journey whatever it may be is second to none.Thank you 🙏read more
Noha CokerNoha Coker
12:18 16 Nov 23
Great team, club and members. Felt at home from the get go. Cleanliness is above and beyond.
AD Brown (ABRail)AD Brown (ABRail)
11:49 06 Nov 23
Thrive has reignited my love for training and fitness. I was really struggling to train on my own, finding the motivation and exercise plan for myself. I joined thrive, found that every PT session was in a group and loved it, the wonderful coaches... plan every session and deliver it brilliantly, focusing on my technique whilst keeping it fun and engagingWould thoroughly recommendread more
Stuart ParisStuart Paris
07:37 04 Nov 23
Thrive opened at a time when I was really struggling to find the right environment to exercise, but after an initial visit I immediately knew that this was the gym that would help to rediscover my motivation.The PT sessions are varied and... carefully devised with the coaches helping you focus on your individual technique, whilst the conditioning and cardio classes offer different, but equally rewarding challenges. The combination of the different sessions quickly produce results, with the coaches also available to discuss your own individual targets and help you achieve your goals, offering advice from both a training and nutritional perspective.Aside from the excellent facilities that Thrive offer, Jon & Vicky have also created a very unique inclusive & fun atmosphere where everyone is made welcome by the coaches and fellow members.Quite simply joining Thrive is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I now feel as fit and as healthy as I have ever been, so thank you team Thrive 👏👏👏read more
Megan WestropeMegan Westrope
14:34 02 Nov 23
Thrive means everything to me! Its a instant warm welcome by Thrive into their community and give you the confidence to push yourself. I walk into a session and all the PTs know who I am and my targets. It's not just a Gym its a way of living!
Raquel SimaoRaquel Simao
22:25 30 Oct 23
Absolutely love this place, it’s like my second home. I could find many words to describe the service and the experiences I’ve had so far from Vicky, Jon and all the coaches but I believe you have to just come in and see it for yourself. Thrive is... not just another Gym!! I get coached in every session I do, I get pushed and motivated every time I feel like I can’t do anymore. The support I get is amazing and very specific in order to achieve my goals. There is no pressure at all. I work at my own pace and everyone is so like minded. All I have to say is thank you Thrive Team for being so more
Mandy OrrinMandy Orrin
08:38 11 Sep 23
I really dislike gyms but after a trial session with Vicky 6 weeks ago, I now look forward to every visit! The coaches & other members are so friendly - like one big family.Thrive is unique - personal training sessions in small groups combined... with various classes cardio/body conditioning /yoga - all easily booked on the app.The PT coaches are just great! Giving me the confidence, motivation & encouragement needed. Initially the sessions felt tough but incredibly enjoyable at the same time. I am now a convert & feeling so much stronger in body & more
Hannah FattHannah Fatt
10:20 09 Feb 23
I would highly recommend this new gym. A total different ethos from regular gyms, friendly, welcoming and focused on each individual. The small group pt sessions and classes keep you engaged and are such fun that the time flies. Every pt coach is on... hand to help you achieve whatever your goals are. They are very approachable and always happy to chat about any concerns or advise you may need. The gym itself is full of state of the art equipment and every element has been thought of. The showers and changing rooms are beautiful with top of the range hair driers and hair straighteners which all help if you need to get ready post workout. Having trained at this gym since it opened I have never regretted my decision to join and have seen great results in a short space of time. It’s definitely my happy place!read more
Tania SuttonTania Sutton
09:50 12 Jan 23
The team at Thrive are very welcoming and put you at ease straight away. The equipment is state of the art and the sessions are fun whilst still being challenging. The experience of the coaches shines through as they make sure you’re training safely... but effectively and encourage you to work as hard as you can. I’m already noticing the benefits! Can’t recommend highly more
Courtenay PantonCourtenay Panton
11:19 11 Jan 23
A brilliant new small group training facility. Nothing like this around. They are a great team of experienced PT’s who want to help you reach your goals and push you to your limits.Top quality facilities, worth every penny. Would definitely... recommend them 😃read more
girl lemongirl lemon
15:19 18 Dec 22
Had an amazing week of workouts at Thrive Gyms. It was my 1st experience of small group PT & I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the staff were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly & understanding of my training needs. I am not always the easiest client &... really felt the personal service. Facilities are superb. Looking forward to trying one of the group classes this more
Laura EardleyLaura Eardley
14:11 18 Dec 22
Just finished my first week at Thrive gyms, I could rave for hours about how awesome this place is, the coaches are just so friendly and welcoming, they also have an amazing ability to know your limits and work with you so you feel comfortable and... absolutely buzzing when you leave.The gym itself isn’t intimidating with state of the art equipment and a good timetable of sessions and classes to suit everyone!!Can’t recommend this place enough, love it!read more


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