Benefits of Strength Training

Why Everyone Should Try Strength Training

Let’s Explore "Strength Training"

Strength training comes with a huge list of benefits that go beyond the gym. At Thrive Gyms Colchester, we’re dedicated to helping you understand and utilise these benefits through our expert-led training sessions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine technique, our facility is fully equipped and ready to support you on your strength training journey.

What Exactly is Strength Training?

Strength training, or resistance training, involves exercises that challenge your muscles by using resistance. This could be training with weights, your own body weight, or resistance bands. This style of strength training allows us to build strength, endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. Strength training doesn’t just refer to big muscles lifting heavy weights; it’s accessible and beneficial to everyone.

At Thrive Gyms, we focus on the importance of strength training not only for enhancing muscle tone and improving metabolism but also for its role in bone health, overall fitness, and overall physical resilience.

Why Choose Thrive Gyms for Strength Training in Colchester?

Strength training can significantly help in managing symptoms and improving overall health.

1. Expert Personal Training

Our team of educated personal trainers in Colchester design their strength training sessions around everyday movements. Sessions are aligned with your individual goals and fitness levels. No matter your ability, our personal trainers are here to provide the support and motivation you need.

2. Small Group Personal Training

At Thrive Gyms, our speciality is small group personal training. This approach to training combines the personalised attention of basic personal training, plus the motivational atmosphere of a group setting. It’s a fun and efficient way offering tailored advice while being part of a community that encourage each through each workout. If you’re someone who enjoys a little friendly competition, this approach to strength training is for you.

3. Comprehensive Fitness Classes

In addition to strength training, our fitness classes are the perfect addition to our small group personal training. We design these classes to support your strength training sessions by improving flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Strength Training - The Best Exercise For Menopause
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4Getting Started with Strength Training at Thrive Gyms

If you looking to get started at Thrive Gyms, you can join our 28 Day Experience – the perfect introduction to strength training. It offers newcomers a structured way to start their fitness journey, with full support from our expert personal trainers. This 4-week program allows you to fully immerse yourself in our gym’s culture and begin to understand the true power of small group personal training.

5. Progress at Your Own Pace

We believe that everyone’s relationship with strength training is unique. It is important to start with lighter weights and gradually increase them over time. We’re committed to safety and want you to feel confident in the exercises that you’re performing.

Our Strength Training Community

We’re not only focussed on providing strength training in Colchester. We strongly believe that training within a community can help make sessions more enjoyable while adding an element of accountability. Not to mention the social aspect.

Our small group personal training sessions and fitness classes are built around our community, their needs, and their goals. Each session is an opportunity to meet people, learn from them, and get inspired. Equally, you could be the one inspiring others. This is what Thrive Gyms Colchester is all about – making health and fitness an enjoyable habit.

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What do I Need to Start Strength Training?

All you need to do to get started with strength training, is get in touch. We’ll have a conversation about where you’re at, and where you want to be. No matter how big or small your fitness goals are, we are here to help support you all the way through.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym in Colchester but can’t work out which one, we’d suggest going with the gym that makes you feel most comfortable. Traditionally, gyms can be intimidating places, but at Thrive, our focus is around community and hard work. We don’t have any mirrors on our gym floor because we want people to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. We’re not all about body image, we’re about moving better, feeling better, and being the healthiest version of yourself. Strength training isn’t a walk in the park, it requires some level of effort. So, get in touch today, and bring some motivation when you come along.

You’re Invited!

Let us help you develop your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Sign up to our 28 Day Experience and start moving and feeling better. Take advantage of small group personal training sessions and understand the true benefits of strength training and our fitness classes.

Let’s get stronger together and thrive!

Fitness Classes are one of the Best Exercises For Menopause

Most experts recommend performing strength training exercises at least two to three times a week with at least one rest day between each session. At Thrive Gyms, we help guide you on working out the ideal number of training and rest days you should be aiming for per week. We base this decision on where you’re starting, where you want to be, and of course, what your lifestyle allows.

Some popular strength training exercises include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and rows. These movements target multiple major muscle groups and are effective for building strength.

For more ideas on strength training exercises, visit the NHS website.

No, strength training doesn’t require a gym membership. Many strength training exercises can be performed at home with minimal equipment, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, or even bodyweight.

A typical strength training session can last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your objectives and the number of exercises included in your routine. At Thrive Gyms, our personal training sessions last around an hour. Quality is more important than quantity, so we focus on performing each exercise with proper form and technique.

Yes, strength training can significantly aid in weight loss, helping lower body fat and increasing muscle mass, which in turn can boost your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn during recovery.

Absolutely. Strength training is beneficial for adults of all ages, including seniors. It can help improve balance, flexibility, and bone density. Our personal trainers are there to guide you, support you, and make sure you’re getting the most out of every workout in a safe and efficient manner.

To minimise the risk of injury, it’s important to warm up properly before starting your workout, and remember to cool down afterwards. Remember to focus on proper form and make sure you’re using weights that you can handle comfortably, gradually increasing the weight as your strength improves.

Progressive overload means gradually increasing the amount of stress on your muscles during training, which is important for improving strength and muscle size. This can be achieved by increasing the weight used, adding additional repetitions, or changing exercise intensity.

For more information on progressive overload, you can visit the Men’s Health and Women’s Health websites.